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Intelligent Matchmaking on Blockchain

Expediting real-world intimacy, DateMe is a DAPP which automates the hard parts of online dating with uber smart technologies. It acknowledges the drivers behind your dating pursuits and finds the one you seek by adopting artificial intelligence(A.I.) and facial recognition technology. Infusing Blockchain Technology with A.I. not only helps users create meaningful relationships, but also help improve user identity verification processes.

Along with latest advancements in machine learning and natural language processing to identify your 'type' of partner, this matchmaker uses Eigenfaces, ​a facial recognition algorithm to ​help select your potential matches for you, by learning about your preferences and sifting through a large volume of data to usher genuine matches with a cognitive approach for the interest being mutual!

Our Vision

The Propagation of dating platforms & the Internet's omnipresence has led to chaos in the dating dynamics. Countering flaws such as flaky IDs, poor security, user's data abuse, and stigma & privacy issues have been inevitable. With a psyche to expel the dating sphere off the hooks of such tragedies, we spent innumerable hours of research, experimentation, and bug fixing to lay hands on a smarter way of dealing with the overwhelming time it takes to find the ultimate partner. We realized implementing Blockchain solutions would cater to issues of transparency and would further incentivize users for being themselves. DateMe redefines the paradigm of modern match making by employing new age Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & NLP. DateMe uses its facial recognition capabilities which are designed to read through depths of facial features and seeks for markers, which come from facial expressions or from things being done in the photo. This results in minimal time & effort to find a match & an increased match conversion rate as well.

Our Core Capabilities

DateMe Roadmap

The next steps of our future expansion

  • Aphrodite

    Core Application

    Full application launch will be combined with first iteration of algorithms, with a closed invite only group that later is opened to general users as per the waitlist. Unlimited Swipe and first stage of advanced filtering will be A/B Tested here. Location partnerships and other dedicated event partnerships also announced. Match and chat functionality with some advanced real time features phased rollout.

  • Cupid

    Video Call

    Launch of full video messaging and call functionality. With invite only developer community video filter integration. Calling functionality with webRTC for both mobile and in browser for desktop options.

  • Frigga

    Scale & Affiliate

    Affiliate network is launched and also badges with gamification for rewarding users. Integration with third party application begins both for algorithms and chat application. Invite only ad platform testing done.

  • Kaamdev


    Opening up platform for third party algorithms and applications. Also opening up the ad platform to other sites to advertise on DateMe and associated channels.Per-Click, Percentage, Per-Order and Per-Scale Programs launched in parallel.

  • Hathor

    Usage Reward

    Badges and ranking is rolled out to all users with rewards and incentives based on usage and feedback from other users.

DMX Token

DMX Token is a cryptographic token that serves as a community currency in DateMe ecosystem implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an EIP 20 token. DMX Token is used for in-app functionality and other premium features.

$18 Million
$5 Million

All the unsold tokens will be burned. New tokens will never be created.

0.005 USD

DMX will be immediately transferred to user's DateMe wallet on purchase confirmation.

EIP 20

Funds Usage

DateMe will utilize the funds raised during the token sale for the development and expansion of the platform.

Token Distribution

Tokens for advisors, reserve fund and team will be locked. Reserve fund will be used for future financing.


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